What Addicts Know by Christopher Kennedy Lawford

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Apr 8th, 2014

what addicts know
A new book based on lesson learned in recovery and containing many addiction stories is

What Addicts Know by Christopher Kennedy Lawford

It's long title is What Addicts Know: 10 Lessons from Recovery to Benefit Everyone.  The premise of the book is that the lessons that are learned in addiction and, particularly in recovery, are those that can benefit everyone - even those without an addiction issue.  It's an interesting premise and a new way of presenting recovery information to the masses, that would appeal to those in recovery, those seeking recovery, loved ones and even the general population who just wants to understand.

Lawford talks about the "gifts" of addiction and describes how addicts are resourceful, intelligent and determined people.  He details the fortitude that it takes to not only live a life being addicted to something, but to recover from that addiction and to change nearly everything about oneself and essentially become reinvented.   The book is divided into 10 Lessons learned in recovery that can basically be passed on and shared with anyone.  These are such things as "Finding Out Who You Are", "Realign Relationships", "Transform Pain into Growth", "Practice Service to Others", and "Maintain Spiritual Practice".  These are just a few of them and they are all quite good and infused with personal addiction stories that illustrate how they are applied in practical living.

Addicts in Recovery know how to live in ways that inspire everyone, including their psychiatrists. Now Chris Lawford has put this hard-won and uniquely valuable wisdom onto the pages of a magic book. Read it!  —Robert L. DuPont, MD, First Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, Second White House Drug Czar

Published in January 2014, the book has gotten a lot of attention as the author does have many high profile connections.  Despite this, he has been in recovery for over 25 years and concentrates his work on behalf of the recovery community in both the public and private sector.    Aside from the pointless debates on anonymity, the feedback on the book is very good and we agree.  This is a great book whether you are in recovery yourself and interested in emotional sobriety or are interested in learning more about addiction itself.

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