Tweak by Nic Sheff

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Jul 1st, 2014

tweak by nic sheff

If you're looking for meth books, either addiction memoirs or to understand the disease better, don't miss

Tweak by Nic Sheff

Nic Sheff's story of meth addiction and recovery comes right on the tail of his father's successful book, Beautiful Boy, that chronicles a father's struggles with having a meth-addicted child.   Many readers journey straight from David Sheff's book over to this one to get the "other side" of the tale and to dig deeper into the story.  Tweak doesn't disappoint.   Starting out after yet another relapse, where Sheff is living on the streets of San Francisco, the reader is taken through the daily life of an addict and all of the pain and consequences that go with it.  Sheff lies, cheats, steals and goes to whatever extremes he has to in order to punish his body, mind and soul on a daily basis with whatever drugs he can get his hands on.    At some point, a bottom is reached (again) and he gets help - again.

"And though I have done many shameful things, I am not ashamed of who I am. I am not ashamed of who I am because I know who I am. I have tried to rip myself open and expose everything inside - accepting my weaknesses and strengths - not trying to be anyone else. 'Cause that never works, does it?  So my challenge is to be authentic. An I believe I am today. I believe I am." - Tweak, Nic Sheff

Tweak is a bit edgy at times and I found some of the writing to be repetitive also.  I don't think that it took away from the story at all and was just something that I got used to, as was his writing style and use of language.  While Sheff did have tendency to "name drop" in the book, he was pretty honest about that and about how he very much cared about celebrity and about what other people thought about him. I thought this was pretty insightful as well and tended to forgive this.  Overall, I think that this book, along with his father's, is one of the best meth books out there as it really highlights a struggle from someone that otherwise had all of the support in the world behind him.  I can relate a lot to that.  If you're looking for a great read that deals with meth or a good addiction memoirs, check this one out:

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