The Indie Spiritualist by Chris Grosso

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Jun 13th, 2014

the indie spiritualist


If you are looking for spirituality books that may take a less traveled path than the norm, definitely check out

The Indie Spiritualist by Chris Grosso

This one is definitely not your mother's spirituality book.  Grosso, who is a musician and contributor to The Huffington Post, Origin magazine and + Health Magazine, is also in recovery from drug addiction.

“Fear, anger, hurt, sadness, drugs, empty sex, food, cutting and suicide attempts—all culminated in a perfect storm, a tempest that shattered my heart and left me nothing more than the shell of a man…If I was going to live, I needed to surrender and find a new way to approach life.” - The Indie Spiritualist, Chris Grosso

Setting out on his own spiritual journey, Grosso found that spiritual enlightenment didn't have to something that is only found next to babbling brooks, in churches, or in meditation rooms.  Life is not always quiet and peaceful and the power of spirit can be found in things such as rock concerts and thunder storms.  Grosso encourages readers to honor the spiritual truth within themselves and not feel pressured to adhere to spiritual and religious doctrine.

A lot of Grosso's spirituality involves music and there are QR code links in the book for free downloads to his music to coincide with the chapters and the material.   This book, in my opinion, will hold a lot of appeal to young people in recovery and anyone, in general, who is having a hard time with spirituality and the "feel good" types of material that is out there.  I am quite traditional (read: boring) in a lot of my beliefs about recovery and spirituality and so this was a bit edgy for me.  I prefer a good Emmet Fox book that tells me how to pray, but that's just me. So, if you think that the Indie Spiritualist is your sort of deal (it really is good), please check it out here:

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