The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx

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Dec 31st, 2013

the heroin diaries
As far as addiction memoirs go and, in particular, memoirs about heroin addiction, you can't go wrong with very popular

The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx

I am actually not a big fan of celebrity memoirs but, growing up, I was a big fan of Motley Crue so this one sort of called to me.  One of the things I like about The Heroin Diaries is that, not only does it seem pretty honest, but that Sixx doesn't just rely on his clouded recollections to tell the story.  He brings in friends, co-band members, former managers, former lovers, you name it.  They all get a chance to bring some light to what was going on during that last year of Sixx's downward spiral with drugs.

'I can't find a way out of this hole. i would like to say to myself, If you're in a hole, put down the shovel, but I can't.'  - Nikki Sixx

The idea that Sixx actually kept notes and notebook (I guess he is an artist) during this last year of his drug use and depression is amazing to me.   Sixx is brutally honest about his mistakes and how a lot of his behavior likely hurt and affected others.   While living a pretty glamorous lifestyle, there is no doubt that addiction is an un-glamorous disease that makes us do many shameful things and this is brought to light over and over again in the book.  During a time when his band was on top of the world, Sixx's life was fast spiraling out of control and he is now one of the many miracles that has found recovery and lived to tell the tale.

Whether or not you are a heroin addict, suffer from addiction, or are in recovery yourself, you will probably enjoy the book.  If you are in any of these classes, however, you are sure to get quite a bit out of it and I highly recommend giving The Heroin Diaries a read:

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