Opiate Addiction: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming by Kevin Anderson

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Apr 30th, 2014

There are some real stinker books on addiction out there that you should avoid and one of those is

Opiate Addiction: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Opiate Addiction for Life by Kevin Anderson

I've made my feelings on these "shorts" clear before but this one is ridiculous.  It's not even 20 pages and will leaving you with nothing that a search on won't give you.  This is a guy who writes a lot of books on Star Wars - no idea if those are any good or not.  From what I've read, he knows nothing about addiction aside from what he's looked up online and tries to pass off to the reader.

At the time of this review, the book has been on the market for only 2 weeks and already has 5 glowing (5-Star) reviews.  These are bought-and-paid-for reviews from people who have clearly not read the book.  Most of them either use "opiate addiction" or "opiates" in the review title and this simply isn't natural for someone that writes a book review.    The title is stuffed with keywords, some of which don't even make sense.  If you would like to pay $2.99 for a brief electronic pamphlet on opiates, go for it.  Otherwise save your money and get an actual book for the same price - on Kindle, or on paperback for a little more.  This one is only available on Kindle that pretty much tells us that it's a hack job.

For a more detailed and balanced look at Opiate Addiction, including detox considerations, we recommend this book.  However, if you'd like to give Opiate Addiction: The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Opiate Addiction for Life a read, you can find it here:

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