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Jun 28th, 2014



If you are looking for well-written meth books, I highly recommend that you skip the series called

Methamorphisis by Brittney Luv

I know quite a bit about these (now 8 total) "books" because the author spams Facebook Pages constantly in an effort to drive readers to Amazon.  First and foremost, let's start with the title.  If Luv were trying to play off of the word "metamorphosis", she's already has an epic fail as she has spelled every one of her 8 books wrong.  Secondly, in her book description she claims that she is from Phoenix, AZ and that it is the meth capital of the world.   Now, I don't know where she gets her data but I haven't found one single piece of reputable information to back up that declaration.

This is what I take the most issue with regards to the Methamorphisis series - These are short, 15-30 Page, ebooks that are electronic versions of her journal - nothing more.   She has been publishing a new one approximately every 30 days so that we can "follow along" through her first year clean from meth.  Most of them are not very coherent and are very raw.  Here's the thing though.  She does have an audience and the ones that are grabbing these for $0.99, knowing up front that they are short, seem to like them.  I don't like short books and I think that she would have been much better served holding onto this stuff, spelling her title correctly, and publishing a well-edited book after a year clean.  Just my opinion, though, so if you wish to give Ms. Luv some, you know, you can check out the first one here:

Check it out here:


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