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Mar 30th, 2014

early sobriety
If you are in very early sobriety or are thinking of getting sober, I highly recommend that you read

Kickstart Your Recovery by Taite Adams

It's long title is Kickstart Your Recovery: The Road Less Traveled to Freedom from Addiction.  This is Adams first recovery book and she targets her audience as those who are looking to "get sober" and have questions about how it works.  This is very common and many alcoholics and addicts will not even consider a life-changing step like this unless they can get their questions answered and there are not many places to get reliable answers to those questions and remain anonymous, as most of us still insist upon doing at that stage.  A book that answers many frequently asked questions is just the ticket.

Kickstart Your Recovery talks about such things as what a "bottom" is, addiction as a disease and the always-asked question of "Should I Go to Treatment?"  She talks about the Pro's and Con's of going to treatment and even outlines the different types of treatment centers should you decide to go.   Adams also talks about AA meetings, what they are about, how they are run, and even basic meeting etiquette.   She discusses the 12 Steps (yes, she's an advocate) and why they're done, sponsorship and even spirituality in recovery.  There are also chapters about family and career in early recovery, dealing with the consequences of addiction and even learning how to have fun in sobriety.

First published in 2013, the book is well over 150 pages, so not some short essay that's going to leave you hanging.  It's a fairly quick read but packs in a great deal of information for the newcomer and keeps it to the point for those that have short attention spans.  As with her other books, Adams also infuses many of her personal addiction and recovery experiences into the book, giving it a very personal touch.  We highly recommend this book as a must read for anyone in early sobriety anyone who is considering sobriety and wants their questions answered.

Kickstart Your Recovery - The Road Less Traveled to Freedom from Addiction Kickstart Your Recovery - The Road Less Traveled to Freedom from Addiction
Author: Taite Adams
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Are you or a loved one unable to stop drinking or using drugs, yet tired of the endless cycle of pain and consequences? Recovery is possible and it's not as frightening as most make it out to be. Addiction is a cruel and subtle disease that robs it's victims of so much. Those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction are often baffled by its affects on their lives and the devastation that can be wrought in such a short period of time. Loved ones feel helpless and hopeless as they are forced to stand by and watch as someone they care about erodes before their eyes, clear that they cannot stop drinking or using drugs. Luckily, many people are able to reach some sort of "bottom", or a jumping off place, where they are finally willing and able to ask for help and begin the process of getting sober. Kickstart Your Recovery , now in its 2nd Edition, offers a powerful message to those who are looking for a way out from an endless cycle of pain and loss and for tools for avoiding relapse. With a clear approach, and drawing on her own history of addiction recovery, author Taite Adams is able to give the new person in recovery answers to a lot of Frequently Asked Questions about getting sober and allay a lot of fears. Some of the areas that are addressed in detail are: What is a "Bottom"? Should I Go to Treatment? What is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)? 12 Step Programs Sponsorship Families and Relationships The Job and Career in Sobriety About the Consequences of Addiction Living Life and Having Fun Sober Addressing Other Issues and Much More Whether brand new in sobriety, considering going to treatment or just coming to grips with the fact that there may be a "problem", alcoholism and addiction help is available in many forms and Kickstart Your Recovery is an invaluable tool to get your questions answered about getting sober, staying sober, avoiding relapse and helping you move one step closer to a better way of life free of alcohol and drugs. **2nd Edition published 1/20/2015.


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