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Mar 15th, 2014

getting sober
If you are just starting your journey in recovery and feel like you want a book for some extra help, check out

Getting Sober by Kelly Madigan Erlandson

It's long title is Getting Sober - A Practical Guide to Making Through the First 30 Days.  Madigan Erlandson is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor who is in long-term recovery herself.  The fact that she is in recovery herself speaks volumes to me over any other credentials.  As far as I'm concerned, if you haven't been there, you shouldn't be writing a book about it.

Madigan Erlandson has put together an easy-to-read and well organized book that outlines many things that someone new in the program has probably never thought of as ways to support their recovery and ways to keep them out of dangerous situations.  Some of these include: dealing with cravings, not being around alcohol or drugs, managing feelings, and taking care of yourself physically.  There are also important discussions about detox, treatment, what to expect in 12 Step rooms, and sponsorship.

First published in 2007, the book is just over 200 pages and does not appear to have been updated since the initial release.  I think that the material is still relevant but am surprised that a book that has been out for 7 years has only 9 reviews, although all pretty good ones.  The only negative about this book is that it's a bit pricey compared to others in it's category, even the Kindle version.  It is a good read, however, and we recommend it if you are looking to fill a library and your time while early in sobriety.  The other book that we recommend, that is also more affordable, can be found here.

Getting Sober: A Practical Guide to Making It Through the First 30 Days Getting Sober: A Practical Guide to Making It Through the First 30 Days
Author: Kelly Madigan Erlandson
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"Honest, direct, comprehensive, and practical." --Bestselling author Mary Pipher "Kelly Madigan Erlandson’s book will help many who are beginning their trudge on the road to happy destiny." --Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author of Symptoms of Withdrawal: A Memoir of Snapshots and Redemption Already hailed as "a thoughtful and comprehensive guide to those early, crucial days of sobriety," this groundbreaking new book is different from anything else on the market. As an alcohol and drug counselor for more than 20 years who has helped thousands into recovery, the author does not focus on trying to diagnose the problem; instead, she compassionately guides you through the first 30 days of sobriety--the most crucial part of recovery. She gives you practical, day-by-day advice for becoming and staying sober--from removing alcohol and alcohol-related items from your house to picking the recovery program that fits your needs.


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