Five Minutes of Blackness by Doug Smith

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Apr 25th, 2014

five minutes of blackness
For a great book that is both alcoholism fiction and a compelling mystery, you can't go wrong with

Five Minutes of Blackness by Doug Smith

This is a book that really has it all, particularly for someone who is in recovery and loves to read like I do.  I actually don't read that much in the way of non-fiction books so when I can find fiction books, and particularly mysteries and adventure books, that incorporate addiction, alcoholism and recovery into them, I term them multi-faceted winners.  Smith does this with Five Minutes of Blackness.  His main character, detective Jesse Collins, isn't quite in recovery at the start of the this book but that's what makes it so compelling.  There is a gruesome murder, a detective with a drinking problem and all of the life issues and consequences the go along with it.

There are many battles going on inside this book and within the main character and, as a reader, I became invested in all of them from the beginning.  As an alcoholic, I mainly just wanted the main character to get sober.  There is plenty about that struggle and about the beginnings of recovery to satisfy other readers with the same desire.    There are twists and turns galore here, and the ending is one that may keep you guessing and wanting more until Smith's next book is released - which will be sure to tell even more of the main character's "story".

“Sometimes the obsession is so strong, I would give up everything I have for five minutes of blackness.” -Doug Smith, Five Minutes of Blackness

Smith himself is in recovery from alcohol and drugs and it is clear through his writing that he has intimate knowledge of the disease and of the struggles of getting and staying sober.  If you are looking for some great alcoholism fiction with a ton of mystery and thrills thrown in, check out Five Minutes of Blackness:

Five Minutes of Blackness Five Minutes of Blackness
Author: Doug Smith


A gritty case of resentment, revenge, and recovery.A businessman was found savagely murdered in his Jaguar. Robbery is not a motive, and forensics seems to indicate that the victim was given a goodbye kiss. When Detective Jesse Collins appears on the scene, his hangover is horrendous. Once a great cop, he is now on a downward spiral. His boss has put him on notice, his partner is done covering for him, and his wife has moved out. “This time it’s for good,” she said.Jesse tries to find a link that connects the killer to the victim, but a barroom fight slows him down. When a similar murder takes place in a different state, clues point to a stiletto-wearing curly-haired blonde named Kiki. News of the case sweeps the nation. A third victim is found three thousand miles away, and an email message leads Jesse to believe that he might be the next target.As Jesse crosses the country in search of leads, nagging questions keep him awake at night. He wonders if he will ever get sober. He wonders if he will ever get his wife back. Most of all, he wonders if he can catch Kiki before she kills again.About the author:Doug was born in New Jersey, and has lived in six states before landing in New Hampshire. He is proud of his ongoing recovery from alcohol and drugs, and finds peace when he is on his Harley. Doug and his wife, Sharon, have four children and five grandkids that keep them amused and confused.



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