Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud by Scott Stevens

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Feb 22nd, 2014

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For an entirely fresh take on early sobriety and avoiding relapse, I recommend that you check out

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud by Scott Stevens

It's long title is Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud - Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety.  Stevens is a journalist by trade so is an adept writer.  He is also a recovering alcoholic and his book is born of hard-won experience and years of front-line research and development.  He lived these experiences that he talks about in the book and relates many personal stories to go along with the staggering statistics and other scientific information that you aren't likely to find elsewhere.

As someone that has had struggles with relapse, Stevens set out with his investigative journalist skills to really look into the matter and came away with a lot of ground-breaking information never assembled and shared in such a manner before.  He presents these things in his book in such a way that anyone new in sobriety, supporting someone in recovery, or even someone who works in the industry can understand and make use of immediately.  Stevens not only talks about the psychological aspects of sobriety and avoiding relapse but the physical and physiological as well.  For example, he explains the correlation between alcoholism and cortisol levels, a chemical in the body that is related to stress and stressors.  This is something that I had never thought about nor heard about before.  He also spends a great deal of time talking about recovery and what he feels are the "symptoms of sobriety".  This is all good stuff.

Throughout the book, Stevens intertwines a lot of scientific information, that had me captivated because I'm an alcoholic, with his own stories of struggle and redemption.  These were also heartfelt, honest and very easy to relate to.  If you are new in recovery, been in recovery awhile, or just looking for a fresh alcoholism book with good information on avoiding relapse, I highly recommend giving this one a read:

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