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Aug 15th, 2014


daily reflections

Another great daily meditation book for recovering alcoholics that has stood the test of time is the

Daily Reflections Daily Meditation

Honestly, I thought that this was a pretty old book, like the Twenty Four Hours a Day daily readings book.  It's not.  First published in 1990 to fulfill what was felt to be a need within the Fellowship for a daily readings book with references to conference approved literature.  This book, written by AA members for AA members, contains daily readings that quote and refer back to other AA Literature, such as the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, As Bill Sees It and more.

"It was out of the depths of loneliness, depression and despair that I sought the help of A.A. As I recovered and began to face the emptiness and ruin of my life, I began to open myself to the possibility of the healing that recovery offers through the A.A. program. By coming to meetings, staying sober, and taking the Steps, I had the opportunity to listen with increasing attentiveness to the depths of my soul. Daily I waited, in hope and gratitude, for that sure belief and steadfast love I had longed for in my life. In this process, I met my God, as I understand Him.” - Daily Reflections

Aside from the opportunity to have more exposure to the literature, there are several things that I appreciate about this book.  One is that each passage is written by a different AA member so there is a variety of message and writing style throughout the book.  Another is that the message was meant to be clear in that it focuses on AA's Three Legacies: Recovery, Unity and Service.  Finally, the passages for each day generally aren't very long and my attention span isn't either, especially when I am reading more than one of these books each morning.  This is a good one if you are seeking to reinforce the AA message and way of life.

To get your copy of Daily Reflections,  check out the link below:

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