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Jul 4th, 2014


crystal clean

Looking for a great meth memoir or an inspirational book on addiction? If so, you should check out

Crystal Clean by Kimberly Wollenburg

Published in 2012, this indie book is a great addition to the books on meth out there and has been really well-received for a self-published addiction memoir.  Wollenberg is a single-mother of a downs syndrome boy, living in Boise, Idaho.  She was a meth addict for over five years as she struggled to raise her son, work and keep it together on the outside.  However, as these things often do, her addiction progressed as did it's consequences.  She was arrested in 2006 for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and was eventually looking at prison time.

"On the outside, everything seemed fine. But barely scratch the surface, and the chaos of my living hell was frightening." - Crystal Clean, Kimberly Wollenburg

Wollenburg's book strikes a great balance between describing the despair of addiction and the hope of recovery.  She chronicles are long road to recovery after her arrest and the start up of her business after she was unable to find a job because of her felony conviction.    She is a very good writer and is able to both inspire and make the reader laugh as she talks about her struggles, her life as a drug dealer and her road to recovery.  I found this to be a really good read and recommend it to anyone who has experience with meth or is looking to learn more about meth addiction.  Check it out here:

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