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Aug 24th, 2014

courage to change


A fantastic daily meditation book for anyone in Al Anon or with loved ones who are addicted is

Courage to Change Meditation Book

First published in 1992, Courage to Change is Al Anon's daily readings and it's a great.  I should preface this by saying that, while I'm not a member of Al Anon, I do own and read this book.  I was told about it a few years ago when I started seriously dating someone else who is also in recovery.  It was suggested to me that this might be a good daily resource for me as a reminder that I need to work my own program and not get wrapped up in co-dependent behavior.  It was a great suggestion and this has been a great resource for me.

If I don’t get too attached to any one way to approach life, I adjust to change with a lot less stress and strain.” - Courage to Change

What this book does is give daily reminders about control - the things I can and can't control.  The main idea is, really, that I can't control other people and this is something that I need to internalize if I'm going to be in a healthy relationship with anyone and experience serenity in my life.   I get reminders about living in the moment, letting go of fear and using basic tools to create a better day for myself the people that I come in contact with.  If you have an addict or alcoholic in your life, active or not, I think that is a great daily reading to add to the list.  Now, this one is not always easy to find, especially new.  I think that I bought a used copy and it was still over $12, but my relationship was worth much more to me than that.

To get your copy of Courage to Change ,  check out the link below:

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