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Jul 25th, 2014


clean by david sheff

A very popular on overcoming addiction that also deals with addiction and family issues is

Clean by David Sheff

Sheff's most successful book is probably "Beautiful Boy", wherein he discusses dealing with his son's addiction.  This book also talks about that a lot but delves quite a bit into the science of addiction, dealing with family members who are addicted, and recovery options through detox and treatment.    There is a lot of great information in this book written to educate those who don't really know anything about addiction or for those who have a ton of misconceptions about the disease.

“Once and for all, people must understand that addiction is a disease. It’s critical if we’re going to effectively prevent and treat addiction. Accepting that addiction is an illness will transform our approach to public policy, research, insurance, and criminality; it will change how we feel about addicts, and how they feel about themselves. There’s another essential reason why we must understand that addiction is an illness and not just bad behavior: We punish bad behavior. We treat illness.”  - David Sheff, Clean

As you can see, Sheff uses his journalistic skills to identify problems in the way that we treat and view addiction as a society.  This is great, but one of the issues that I have with the book, and with Sheff, is that he clearly has some bias and misconceptions about 12-Step programs that he insists on putting in his books.    His prejudice against 12 Step recovery is clear, yet he fails to offer evidence to back it up or provide any solid alternatives for people.  There are other programs out there, that he doesn't talk about at all.  This is unfortunate yet I still think that this could be a good read, as long as it's not your only read on this subject matter.

So, if you'd like to grab a copy of Clean: Overcoming Addiction and Ending America's Greatest Tragedy by Nick Sheff,  you can get it here:

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