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Aug 3rd, 2014

breaking the cycle


A fantastic book on sex addiction that has helped countless people begin the road to recovery is called

Breaking the Cycle by George Collins

First published in 2011, it's long title is: Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame.  Collins, a former sex addict himself and now a counselor specializing in counseling people with sexually compulsive disorders, presents a step-by-step plan in his book that allows those suffering from sex addiction to break the cycle and find freedom.  By drawing on his own experiences with the disorder as well as his years of counseling others, Collins is able to relate techniques, backed with personal stories, outlining what works and what doesn't with regards to recovering from this disease.

"When your mind sends you a thought such as, “I’m hungry. Let’s get a slice of pizza,” you believe that it’s true. And, in that case, it probably is true. But your mind also sends you thoughts that are not true, such as: “Let’s take a break and watch some porn. We’ll feel better.” Again, there could be that exciting hit from watching porn and then, wasted hours later, that feeling of deflation, shame, isolation, and possibly remorse. But your mind keeps telling you to do it and you believe your mind and your story. But you can stop believing everything your mind tells you. " - George Collins

Collins doesn't pull any punches in his book and Breaking the Cycle isn't a book that is designed to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.  He is very honest, sometimes funny, and always knowledgeable about what he is discussing.  Most important, this isn't just a reading exercise.  There are action items in each of the chapters that get the reader actually doing something that will promote change, which is what this is all about.   Whether you are looking to grab this book as help for yourself or to understand the behavior of a loved one, I highly recommend it as one of the best books out there on sexual addiction.

To grab a copy of Breaking the Cycle by George Collins,  check out the link below:

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