Breaking Free from Pain Pill and Opiate Addiction by Amanda Jenkins

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Jan 30th, 2014

There are quite a few short books on addiction on the market these days and one of these is

Breaking Free from Pain Pill and Opiate Addiction by Amanda Jenkins

I tend to take issue with many of these "short books" and "essays" on Amazon because many people are caught unawares when they purchase what they think is an actual book on a subject and end up with a 15-25 page "essay" that was pulled from Wikipedia.  Now, as far as the short books go, this isn't one of the worst of the lot but the number and quality of reviews on the book are suspect.  In fact, when it was first released, there were some unethical tactics just in it's listing that were employed in order to garner higher placement in Amazon.  For example, the Editors name was listed as "drugs", Illustrator was "Psychology" and Photographers name was "Detox".  Once called out on the tactics in a 1-Star review, the attributes were removed but the damage had been done.

Is there value to this book?  Yes, some.  There is some good experience from someone who has "been there" and is a recovering opiate addict.  The book is limited to just over 40 pages and not all of that is content.  A lot of the content is either Ms. Jenkins' personal addiction experiences or advice on handling opiate detox.  So, there is certainly value here if you are looking to do a self-detox from opiates and need some direction.   Another plus is that there is version of this book out in Spanish. I think that's a great feature.  However, this is also only available on Kindle and a lot of people still prefer good old "hold in your hand" paper books so I think that having that choice is important.

There are other books that deal with detoxing at home, however, so this isn't your only choice if faced with this dilemma.  Of particular note, it's important to  take into account everything that a person may be detoxing from, such as alcohol and benzos, in addition to opiates when determining whether a home detox is appropriate and, if so, how to handle it.  Finally, while there is some good information here, there wasn't enough on the recovery afterwards, treatment considerations and support.

For a more detailed and balanced look at Opiate Addiction, including detox considerations, we recommend this book.  However, if you'd like to give Breaking Free from Pain Pill and Opiate Addiction a read, you can find it here:

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