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Jul 22nd, 2014

addict in the family


The best book I have found on addiction and family is

Addict in the Family by Beverly Conyers

In my last review I stated that some of the best books about addiction are written by recovering addicts.  I still believe this to be true but find this to be one of the biggest exceptions that I have found to date.   First published in 2003, Conyers is the mother of a child who became addicted to heroin in her early 20's.   As a mother, she desperately wanted to understand the behaviors and the disease of addiction so started researching and interviewing everyone she could.  She gained a lot of knowledge both doing this and through her personal experiences.

“For almost every addict who s mired in this terrible disease, other -- a mother or father, a child or spouse, an aunt or uncles or grandparents, a brother or sister -- are suffering too. Families are the hidden victims of addiction, enduring enormous levels of stress and pain. They suffer sleepless nights, deep anxiety, and physical exhaustion brought on by worry and desperation. They lie awake for hours on end as fear for their loved one's safety crowds out any possibility of sleep. They liveeach day with a weight inside that drags them down. Unable to laugh or smile, they are sometimes filled with bottled-up anger or a constant sadness that keeps them on the verge of tears.” - Beverly Conyers

With both a lot of straighforward information meant to educate the reader and personal stories for emphasis, Addict in the Family does a great job of getting its point across on may subjects.  Conyers talks about the disease of addiction, what's it's like to be an addict, how to deal with an addict and the recovery process.   For loved ones and family members looking for hope, it is offered here as well as many resources for you to find peace in your own life as you weather this storm.  Whether you are the parent of an addict, the spouse of one, or in recovery yourself, this really is a good read and filled with some valuable insight and information on addiction and recovery.

To grab your copy of Addict in the Family by Beverly Conyers,  go here:

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