12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery by Allen Berger

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Dec 8th, 2013

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A very good book that deals with early sobriety and avoiding relapse is

12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery by Allen Berger

His first of several books, Dr Allen Berger, who is in recovery himself, wrote released this one in 2008.  It's long title is: 12 Stupid Things that Mess Up Recovery: Avoiding Relapse through Self-Awareness and Right Action.

Most people love this book and I liked it as well.  It's fairly short and to the point.  That's great - especially for someone who is rather new in recovery as I think that this is mostly the target audience for this one, although nearly anyone in a recovery program would benefit from reminders and explanations of the basic principles discussed in the book.  In fact, I've been sober a number of years and got quite a bit out of reading the "Stupid Things".

Berger talks a bit about changing behaviors and changing thinking and how these are important elements to lasting sobriety and happiness.  He then organizes his book with 12 Chapters, or 12 "Stupid Things" and goes through them one by one.  Some of the things that can mess up sobriety include: "pursuing recovery with less energy than pursuing addiction", "being selectively honest", and "not getting help for relationship troubles".   These are just a few and they are all good and all infuse stories and personal experiences that make the book an easy read and the concepts easy to relate to.

If you are new in recovery or looking for books about avoiding relapse, I recommend you pick up 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery.  I think that it is a great book in an easy to follow format.  However, if you have just walked through the doors and are still contemplating recovery and want to know what this whole thing is about, a better place to start may be with this book.

12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery: Avoiding Relapse through Self-Awareness and Right Action 12 Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery: Avoiding Relapse through Self-Awareness and Right Action
Author: Allen Berger Ph. D.
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Concise advice on hunting down the personal culprits that sabotage sobriety and personal happiness.To grow in recovery, we must grow up emotionally. This means getting honest with ourselves and facing up to the self-defeating thoughts and actions that put our sobriety at risk. Although there are as many ways to mess up recovery as there are alcoholics and addicts, some general themes exist, which includeconfusing self-concern with selfishnessnot making amendsusing the program to try to become perfectnot getting help for relationship troublesbelieving that life should be easyIn simple, down-to-earth language, Allen Berger explores the twelve most commonly confronted beliefs and attitudes that can sabotage recovery. He then provides tools for working through these problems in daily life. This useful guide offers fresh perspectives on how the process of change begins with basic self-awareness and a commitment to working a daily program.


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